Corporate Overview

Meratus Lautan is an Indonesian conveyance association offering point-to-point transportation game plans. Working an arrangement of liner organizations partner noteworthy ports in Indonesia and maintained by had work environments all through Indonesia, Meratus Lautan places strong complement on security, quality and customer focus. Developed in 2015 Meratus Lautan' business has created and now covers a couple of sections of conveyance and transportation. 

Ship owning and working. 

Meratus Lautan offers an expansive and consolidated sending organization sort out involving starting at now 30 compartment liner benefits between Indonesia's noteworthy ports. 

Meratus Lautan in like manner has and works multipurpose vessels fit for passing on wander load and improvement payload that require more prominent lifting limit and what's more since a long time back unhindered cargo hold. Most of Meratus' vessels are Indonesian flag and prepared for created trading zone in South East Asia, proper for transportation improvement exercises and wander collaborations inside Indonesia and furthermore overall trading between ASEAN countries. Another organization available from Meratus is ship's association in outports of Indonesia.